Cox, Beckman, Goss & Company is a certified public accounting and business consulting firm founded in 2001. Since its inception, Cox, Beckman, Goss & Company has prided itself on the fact that, although small in size, it provides a wide variety of services to its current and prospective clients. By doing this, the clients can feel comfortable knowing as they grow and their needs grow, their CPA firm will be able to grow with them and provide them with the levels of service they require.

It is this level of service that Cox, Beckman, Goss & Company strives to deliver to its clients now and in the future.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients the highest level of service and build with them long-lasting relationships that allow them to have the peace of mind they deserve regarding the financial and tax matters in their lives.

2009 Peer Review

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2012 Peer Review

2012 Peer Review Report

2015 Peer Review

2015 Peer Review Report

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